Good For Your Golf Greens

The addition of a 3rd prong has many benefits when repairing a pitch or divot mark.

#1 - it aids and encourages the push technique advocated by Green Keepers the world over, which involves pushing the turf back to the centre of the mark covering the crater from the edge in. Not only does MTech make this easier, it also makes it more difficult to execute the damaging prise up movement that can rip the root system.

#2 - the shorter central prong in MTech engages in deeper crater marks, making it easier to clear them without damaging the green.

#3- our MTech forks are wider than standard forks more resembling the actual size of a ball mark thus requiring less insertions in the green to make the repair.

Remember, YOU are expected to repair your divot marks


Here's a video our friends at FatPlate have created demonstrating the proper divot repair using our Diva Tool.